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About Me

Hello there. I’m Clare. I’m a writer and a cook. This is the place where I write about the things I have cooked. 

My mother tells me that my first word was “more” which probably explains a lot. I've always loved food and I suppose my interest in preparing it developed as a natural extension of my appetite. 

I tend to be an instinctive cook, making things up on the fly and adding a bit of this and a bit of that, tasting as I go. 

This site will have proper, step-by-step recipes (promise). But what I really want to do is give people, especially those who are a little shy in the kitchen, the confidence to see them as guidelines or suggestions rather than rules. 

The next stage in my culinary adventures will begin in the autumn when I take up a place at at Leiths School Of Food And Wine. I'm looking forward to it (not least to finding out what they did with their apostrophe), hoping to up my technical game and find new collaborators.

In the meantime, I'm available to write things or cook things. Please do get in contact if you'd like me to do either for you. (Rates available on request.)